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Welcome to the PCEEG BCI open source hardware design page!
The purpose of this project is to create a EEG that is modernized with some of the latest hardware.
The Design uses lower amplification and higher bit analog to digital converters to remove the need for filtering and amplifying.

Warning Disclaimer

Warning Disclaimer: If you intend to build a PCEEG as described here you must proceed with extreme caution. Pay particular attention that the galvanic isolation is guaranteed at all times when the electrodes touch the body and the PCEEG at the same time! It is particularly important that the programming adapter does not remain inside the PCEEG when it is used to take measurements on a living body! This system is not certified and anybody using it in any conceivable way takes full responsibility for any consequences that may arise.

(Thanks modular eeg designers for this warning document.)

Made 2008/09/24
by Joshua Wojnas, the open source community, modular EEG, monolith EEG, Arduino, Boarduino & the design & designers of thowse projects. Logo